Airtel renewal

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Airtel renewal

Now every Airtel Prepaid Mobile user will have to recharge with plans to keep their mobile number active. Below are some of the SMS which are been sent by Airtel to its Prepaid Mobile Subscribers warning them to recharge with packs available.

Airtel Data Plan: Bundles, Subscription Codes, How To Check Data Balance

Please Note! Services on your Airtel Mobile will be valid till current pack validity. After pack expiry, it is necessary to recharge with Unlimited or Smart Recharge to continue the services else calls will be charged at base rate 2. So above were the messages which Airtel is circulating across all its customers reminding them to recharge their phone number before expiry to enjoy continued services or to stop their number from getting deactivated.

So it is now clear that all Airtel Prepaid Mobile Subscribers will have to recharge their mobile with plans before the expiry date which is currently allotted. So how to extend validity of Airtel Mobile Number to save it from getting deactivated? We will be sharing with you in this article. But if you have balance present in your Airtel Mobile Number and want to recharge the Smart Plan with that number, then you can also do that by following below steps. Vjay is the admin of the blog RevealThat.

If you like to connect with visit our Contact us Page. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Table of Contents. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The data bundle provided below can be used for Laptop and Desktop computers, Tablets, Android and other, phones including smart TVs.

There is also a special Airtel Android Data Planjust click the link to see it. The bundles offer More Data than Talk time. Enjoy Streaming, Downloads etc on your device or across multiple devices. The following are what you get if you migrate to this plan:. Remember that Airtel represents one of the best networks in Nigeria and Airtel Data Bundle is currently the second cheapest after Glo Data Plan which is the cheapest and very fast in some areas of the country.

You may want to read their history here. Thank you for visiting. The best Airtel plan for data is the new Binge plans from Airtel. With N, you get a whole 2GB valid for 24 hours and with N you get 1GB valid for 24 hours; with this plan you can stream videos and download movies or even watch movies online without breaking the bank.

With 4G, you can enjoy even better data experience with network-enhanced quality such as HD Video Streaming, Video and voice calls, superfast downloads, online gaming and so much more. Airtel will give you free 4G when you activate the SIM. Valid for 7 day. We have written an article about the Richest Man In Nigeria for the reason being that people always want to know the richest man in Nigeria. Musicians too are not left out because people are always wanting to know Richest Nigerian Musicians and because some youth are always arguing about this we decided to write an article for Top 20 Richest Musician In Nigeriaits Davido the fact that Davido does a lot of Philanthropic acts make people want to know Davido Net Worth and like the same thing that happens to wizkid, some people are fund of waking up in the morning and searching for Davido Agehow about that?

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The man who turned himself to a woman and grew boobs — Bobriskyso many people are always on Google searching for Bobrisky Pictures and others.

We have an article for Kiss Daniel featuring his biography. You may want to reach her via funmilola campusbiz.We recently published posts on MTN9MOBILEGLO and AIRTEL data plans, subscription codes and prices however we have come to notice that the telecom networks have a feature for data subscription called auto renewal and this auto renews your data immediately it gets to the expiry date and also deducts your airtime for that value of data bundle.

The average smart phone user or internet surfer would prefer to purchase these data plans at their convenience and time so most users do not like the auto renewal feature even though it may come with some benefits like having some extra days before your next subscription expires or extra data if you enable the auto renewal.

It also comes with the code to disable the auto renewal however most users do not get this message or accidentally delete the message.

It can be really annoying when the airtime you intend to use for phone calls is diverted by your telecoms service provider due to the automatic data renewal that has been programmed on your line by default. Or better still, you may want to upgrade to another data plan but before you could say Jack, the network provider seem to have made their deduction. Unfortunately, airtime deducted can not be retrieved so you will have to put up with data plan for the next day, month or week.

You will learn how to stop the automatic data renewal which is often preinstalled once you subscribe to any of the data plans by the different network providers.

In this post, we will list the data bundles available to each of these providers and how you can stop the automatic data renewal. If you want to stop automiatic data renewal with any of these options, you will need to use the code that is linked to any of these bundles. You will see a list of options. You should reply with 2 to view your active subscription. The reply again with the serial number of the active subscription, then follow the instructions to stop the auto-renewal. All you need to do is text Stop to With your Glo data bundle, you can stop the automatic data renewal using this method.

Simply text Cancel to I have tried the code but not working cancel to …. I have try several time with the code to stop 9mobile auto renewal of bundle but failed and they kept on debit me, Pls help me. Airtel users please help me,the data deactivation cods are not woking,they keep deducting money from my acct. I have tried everything. Pls none of the above suggestions is working for me. Someone kindly help. Pls could you help me out with a problem? I changed my mtn sim on my techno phone with a glo sim and after putting back the mtn sim, I keep getting configuration settings and past received sms from mtn and one from glo each time I put on my android phone.

MTN are noting but thieves, bin trying to opt out bt not successful… I called d customer care but the funniest thing is that they too can not do it from there system. MTN are the worst network. What there doing is too bad this happen to me i cancel the auto renewal there telling is incorrect wat is the exatly code to stop the bundle in mtn. I love MTN. Thank u for the info. If u still find it difficult to opt out of the subscribed service. Kindly get d ussd code of your subscribed plan.

Your Deactivation to XtraData is successful. Thank you! Please MTN, just stop decieving people. This is to enable them cintinue the thieving exercise.

What i did was to use my remaining bal to zero naira before the auto renewal. God punish all of those bastard. Pls help me with the USSD code for peforming this operation. Thanks for the info. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.The undesirable part of data renewing is when your money is deducted without intents of renewing data for the said period.

Since most of us have found ourselves in situations where network providers just go ahead and deduct your airtime with a response from them that your data have been renewed. Without taking much of your time I will go ahead and highlight the steps involved in cancelling data auto renewal.

NB: MTN requires you to enter code of your current data plan. Code varies and should be entered depending on your active plan. See list of codes in the picture below. I hope you found this helpful. Thank you for this pieces of write up on how to cancel auto renewal Plan… You have really enligntened me….

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airtel renewal

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airtel renewal

They have this system for SMS pack, Internet Pack and what not because they think public money is not a concern for public. And we do send you message for deactivating.

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Now you have message, utilize it. Utilize it- they know this suggestion better because they are utilizing public money to turn their turn over. Keep looting. Thank you. View all Airtel Reviews. Airtel — late auto renewal of message plan i got recharge my mobile for messages of rs.

How To Deactivate Airtel Data Plans And Stop Auto Renew For February 2020

Airtel — Autorenewal I recharged my account with Rs 36 booster valid for 30 days. On recharge it informed me that it is a autorenewal pack. But it is not working.

It is responding that it is an invalid number. Namaste Mr.

airtel renewal

Oberoi, This is to inform you that your concern listed on 12 September has been noted and our team is eager to resolve it. In order to get to the resolution, we need to get in touch with you and gather more details about the concern. However, we are restricted by the absence of your contact details in your original complaint. Please share the required details with us at www.

Yday data limit over I have kept sufficient balance in main account considering that as soon as data over it will be auto renewed.

But I have lost Rs. I have only seen video of 8mb with Rs. I have received the SMS 'your pack Rs. I have tried many times and i have sufficient balance also. Your Rating 1 star is bad, 5 stars is good. Add Image. Airtel Customer Care Service. Share 0 Tweet 0. No Rating.Recharge your mobile.

airtel renewal

Tell us your number and we will figure out the rest. Airtel, which is popularly known as Bharti Airtel is one of the most popular and user-friendly network in India. Founded many decades ago, this company provides its customers with a variety of services including 2G, 3G and now the super fast 4G internet. They also have some budget-friendly talking and messaging plans. This cellular network provides amazing connectivity, and also provides you with umpteen number of recharge options.

Airtel online recharge is one of the most simplest of the lot, that also saves considerable time and effort. Also, now with Airtel online prepaid recharge options, FreeCharge, an online bill payment portal allows you to recharge from the convenience of your home, or anywhere in the country. FreeCharge offers Airtel online recharge for your prepaid mobile that includes all plans.

At this site, you will find high speed and affordable prepaid services including national roaming, international roaming and top-up recharges, among other options. When you need an Airtel online recharge for your phone, all you do is enter your number, choose the option that convenient for you and then proceed to verify and pay.

The uncomplicated process makes FreeCharge stand out! Users can choose the most appropriate plans for them by clicking a link from the prepaid Airtel recharge page. Recharge your mobile Tell us your number and we will figure out the rest. Prepaid Postpaid.

We are accepted at show more. Airtel Online Recharge Airtel, which is popularly known as Bharti Airtel is one of the most popular and user-friendly network in India. Convenient Airtel Recharge Options FreeCharge offers Airtel online recharge for your prepaid mobile that includes all plans. Multiple Options to Choose From Users can choose the most appropriate plans for them by clicking a link from the prepaid Airtel recharge page.

Spotlight View All.This list covers recent plans and bundles, including adjustments and reviews by Airtel and can be used on Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, iPhones, Ipads, Macbooks, laptops, desktops PCs and other smart devices, including smart TVs.

Affordability at its best, with this low-cost data bundle plan, you can enjoy a daily plan at N for 1 day. If the daily bundle is too small for you, you can go for the 3-day bundle. Here, you get to enjoy MB at N for 3 days.

How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On Airtel (Latest Guide 2020)

You can still get more from the weekly bundle — a mb weekly plan at N for 7 days. This one lasts for half a month. The Easy Bundle offers a mb at N for 14 days. Get much more data for much less with Android plans. Enjoy Android 1. Valid for 30 days. Usable on all devices. Stay connected and never miss out on information with the Android 2. Watch movies, download and stream music to stay up to date with Android 3. Just like the above, you can watch movies, download and stream music to stay up to date with Android 4.

Connect, chat, stay up to date with the BlackBerry Complete plan at N with 3gb. Usable on BB devices only. Enjoy the Mega 5 plans with 10gb at N5, for 30 days. Enjoy the Mega 8 plan at N8, for 30 days. Heavy on data? The Mega 10 plan with 22gb goes for N10, only. Enjoy 30gb super-fast and reliable data to stay connected with the Mega 15 plan.

Do you require large data for the whole family or an office? Then the Airtel Mega 36 plan is the ultimate choice with 50gb at N36, valid for days. Still for the whole family and offices. The Airtel Mega 70 plan is the ultimate choice with gb for N70, valid for days.

You can still upgrade on the above if you want more.

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The Airtel Smart plan is the ultimate choice with gb at N, valid for days. Stay socially connected and chat, browse and stay up to date with the Opera monthly plan at N for mb valid for 30 days.

The WTF monthly plan goes for N for 80mb and is valid for 30 days. Be unlimited and enjoy the Unlimited monthly plan at N1, with 3GB valid for 30 days. Usable on all devices including Blackberry.

Want to take thing further down? Need quick download for only a certain period like 30 mins?

How To Cancel Data Auto-Renewal On Airtel, MTN, Glo & 9Mobile

How about the Airtel time-based plans? Under this category, you get to enjoy an unlimited 30 minutes time-based data at N only. Need data for only a certain period? Like 60 mins? How about the Airtel 60 minutes time-based plan where you get to enjoy unlimited data at N only?


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