Ft 991a memories

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Ft 991a memories

Added by roberto figuccio almost 5 years ago. Updated about 1 month ago. Probaly using the CAT commands for programming the FT's memory and settings seem a good solution for me, the CAT commands are documented online but there seems to be a little difference in the documented commands and the commands with the latest firmware of the FT I just ordered one of these will sell my Kenwood TS Anything I can do to help when I get it?

Is there any other model with similar CAT commands and memory structure that I might use as a starting point? I have a need for cheap cross-radio-cross-model software and have been approaching Yaesu for information. Performing "Serial Port Monitor" traces and dumps does not provide considerably useful information either. Usefull communication trail provided at the base of this posting.

This communication trail could be used as a learning point for obtaining needed information from Yaesu i. I would suggest that the "status" of this project should be upgraded as the numbers of these radios out there are now considerable. In order to operate the radio as you mentioned, you will need a programming software.

We remain. From: Steve [mailto: vk3sir hotmail. I have been referred to this address via Tim Factor, one of your agents email attached. Please note that this is not a service related issue but is an issue of general support — how to actually do something that is not documented.

ft 991a memories

How do you write the memory tag i. Can you please forward me information on how to do this on the FT, and perhaps make this available to the wider community via the CAT Technical Supplement? So what each octet does needs further investigation. What is the 3rd element? The data retrived above the set of "SP" sequences appears to retrieve addresses used to locate the start of the data table. Also available in: Atom PDF.

Sign in Register. Search :. Yaesu FT History 1. The Yaesu FT doesn't store all information with the stored memory. Still waiting for a solution on this, it is 6 months since anything happened here. Once you have loaded memories, along with label tags, how do you read this data back?

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Assistance needed. A sample Excel sheet with data is attached. Regards, Steve I.FTA macros have been discussed in this forum, use the forum search function to find them. In particular, the FTA requires that macros be constructed using hex characters, also discussed here in the forum.

Try starting with a macro already discussed to see how they work. Once you've had a chance to get familiar with macros and you run into trouble, let us know and we'll try to help. I am pretty tech savvy on many things like video production and audio engineering but I am not a HEX programmer and in my attempt to figure out this coding on the radio here, I have no idea how you came up with this info.

Your codes worked perfectly but I have no idea how you came up with them. As smart as I am in my own field of work this just seemed like magic and I would like to learn a little of your magic. Again thank you so very much! The FTA needs to see macros coded in Hex and I simply translated the command and parameters into hex.

This cannot be undone.

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Home Messages Hashtags Wiki. Search Only Within This Topic. Search Cancel. Topics Search. Mac Jedi. Seems the Rigpi is not programmed for easy memory select and only basic wheel to frequency. No repeater offset or tone control or memory save to radio. Does anyone have a solution to make Rigpi fully functional in selecting already saved memories.

Howard Nurse, W6HN. In general anything that can be controlled by a CAT command can be controlled by a RigPi Macro, including memory commands. Wow Mitch!

Yaesu 991a questions

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Subject of the new topic:. Cancel Split Topic.The ADMS Programmer is designed to give you the ease and convenience of programming the memories and set menu options of your radio from your PC. Or, you can read from the radio, store these details on your computer and make changes.

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Then, with minimal button pushing, send the new configuration back to the radio. The Programmer allows you to create and save as many files as you want for your radio. Files can even be shared between users via email or the Internet. Managing all the options of this great radio becomes easy with the Programmer.

The cut, copy, paste and insert features of the Programmer make channel management easier than ever. Open more than one file at a time.

Memory channel information can be copied from one file to another within the Programmer making it really easy to set up a new file. Use this screen to customize other set menu features of the radio. Check boxes toggle features on or off, drop down menus list all selections and blank boxes for personalized entry add to the ease of setting up your radio exactly like you want it. Once settings are customized, you are prompted to save before exiting.

The saved settings will be there every time you create a new frequency file. Use this screen to customize options for activities Group Monitor GM.

Click here to learn more about using Preferences to customize your radio programming experience. Hardware Requirements. Search site: Submit Search. Program the same details for Limit Memories as for regular memory channels. These channels are preprogrammed in the radio and while the frequency can be changed to another within the band, they cannot be left blank. Radio Menu Settings Common Settings Use this screen to customize other set menu features of the radio.

Set colors for text Fore or background Back of alternate rows for easier viewing across the columns.QRZ Forums. Tags: yaesu yaesu yaesu a yaesu ftdx Our club has both of these radios.

ft 991a memories

They are okay, but very cumbersome to use. I am not sure why Yaesu doesn't like buttons probably cost but there are too few of them and too many menus.

Even changing the mode or adjusting the power output requires hunting through menus, while you have quick access buttons for things you do infrequently like program memories or switch antennas.

It's just weird. They mostly sit on a shelf since our Kenwood is so much more easy to use. W2JKTAug 12, FTA not cumbersome to use- very easy.

ft 991a memories

FTdx has a better receiver, but not a huge difference. N8FVJAug 12, K7HN likes this. Both are great receivers. I also own an FTA and it is also a great radio. Work DX, sure. If you set up the audio properly you will be surprised at how well that radio works. Go by the book and set the mic gain properly, use their suggested setting for the equalizer and turn on the RF processor. You will compete with any other contest quality radio with the audio that the FTA produces.

When I finalize the audio setting in my A I received numerous unsolicited great audio reports.QRZ Forums. CW was one of my comparison points Mike. What really impressed me was when I switched DSP on for the and I could hear it zero in on the desired signal while within the narrow CW filter and reduce noise My D had DSP but it required lots of manual pushbutton operations to fine tune. I've been using the for a couple of weeks now and am extremely happy with it.

I happen to live close to an HRO and was able to sit down in front of a number of transceivers all utilizing the same antenna. I was originally leaning toward the based on price but knowing what the was capable of I was afraid I would be upgrading again soon. The and the IC all exceeded the performance of my D. But the and both outperformed all the other rigs IMO. If you can ever get to a retail store that has the units side by side for comparison I highly recommend you try it.

You might feel differently. And the guys in the store were extremely helpful in setting me up to play! I myself was not interested in an all bander because I have an FT that fits all my requirements for an all bander. I wanted a high performance HF base station rig.

Hi I own a fta for one month. I updated to the latest firmware.

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This problem occurs only using the QMB memories. There is not problem using vfo or regular memories. Has anyone saw this problem? This problem occurs only when using the QMB feature. Using the VFO or the regular memories this problem does not occur.Search site: Submit Search. Knowledge Base :.

ft 991a memories

So, you have programmed the radio with the memory channel information you want. Now you want to access that information You want it to be MEM indicating memory mode. Press [F] key to access the function keys on the face of the radio. If you hold it too long it will bring up a list of memory channels. This is not what you want. The arrows on the right and left of every screen Touching with a fingernail, a plastic pen cap or a pencil eraser will work.

You just want something that won't damage the face of the radio. Now it gets a little tricky to return to the scope display, close the menu and remain in MCH mode. The object of the exercise is to have the MCH appearing on the face of the radio below the frequency.

Then the multi knob will function to change channels If you want to know more about all the things that multi knob does, see page 22 of the FT Operating Manual. That knob does 20 different things depending on what the radio is doing at the time.

Changing memory channels is only one of those 20 things. This is a menu driven knob that will take some getting used to.

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Note: Given the transfer from the programmer to the radio goes smoothly and neither the radio nor the computer throws an error, the radio may not display the frequencies of the memory channels when you access them the first time. Was this article helpful?Page of 96 Go. Table of Contents. Yaesu FT Reference Book 20 pages. Yaesu FT Instruction Manual 20 pages. Yaesu ft transceiver operating manual 65 pages. Page 8: Antenna Considerations Any antenna to be used with the FT must be fed from the transceiver with 50 Ohm coaxial cable.

Page 9: Grounding The FT transceiver, like any other HF communications apparatus, requires an effective ground system for maxi- mum electrical safety and best communications effectiveness.

Yeasu ft991a programming memory and naming memory channel.

Do not place in a location where objects may fall onto it from above. Besides the built-in Electronic Keyer, two key jacks are provided, one on the front and one on the rear panel, for convenient connection to keying devices.

Page 12 F T O This button is used to display function list. The fol- The keys may also be used for direct entry of a de- lowing functions can be accessed from the function sired operating frequency during VFO operation. A and the memory system. Indicates the current time. This indicator illuminates during transmission.

Page Rear Panel Keypad into this gold-plated jack, direct access to ground connections, and please refer to page for the FT CPU is provided for control functions other notes about proper grounding. Some specific capabilities of the FH See pagesfor details. See page for details.

Yaesu FT-991 Vs FT-991A

FT O Page 25 peraTing Page 28 This is the is provided. FT O Page 27 peraTing anual Page Only The recently-released meter band is covered, in the FT, by fixed memory channels. Full screen spectrum scope display Page 32 fT o peraTing anual If this happens, please try again, taking care not to repeat the error in the frequency entry process.


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